Marijuana may be legal in our state for medical purposes but that doesn’t mean the drug isn’t readily available to anyone, including kids. Typically marijuana is pretty easy to detect if left out. However kids can get pretty creative…creative thanks to the internet and all of the ‘hide’ devices such as fake electrical outlets, water bottles, etc. that are out there for the picking. And it’s pretty hard to find a kid out there without access to the internet and their parents’ credit card.

What if you suspect more than just marijuana? Perhaps heroin or meth? How can you find it? Unless you have a dog’s nose, a nose 200,000 times more powerful than a human’s nose you aren’t going to be able to detect the drugs. Unfortunately, unless there is a court order or search warrant, the police are not going to come out and search your home or business or even your boat because you suspect your child or loved one is using. And typically the police are in the business of arresting people caught in possession of illegal substances.

Peace of Mind K9 Searches will come to your house, business or boat and perform a search to help maintain your ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Addicts typically stash their drugs so that they can’t easily be found. But what if you have a curious toddler or pet in the house who could accidentally find the ‘stash’? You would want to get rid of it before it’s too late. We are here to help.

We don’t take possession of the drugs or paraphernalia when found but provides the FDA guidelines on how to dispose properly of the drugs as it is illegal to flush or put them down the drain. We are caring, compassionate, and confidential. Unless we come across a full blown meth lab, we don’t call the police, or notify the neighbors, we are just here to help.

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